Blacklist Coffee Roasters, Australia
Branding & Web Design + Dev
Project Description

Blacklist Coffee Roasters is an award-winning coffee roastery based in Perth, Western Australia.

Together with the founders, we developed their brand to showcase their position in the exclusive, high-end coffee beans supply business. A modern visual representation of a coffee bean with facades depicts the unique character of every single bean.

We were then tasked to design a contemporary yet functional site for this award-winning coffee roastery that will showcases the personality of the brand and the quality of their products.

We designed and deployed a website that was mobile-friendly and visually impactful, with information easily accessible at a scroll when one lands on the main page. The client had superb images that we used as prominent visual cues to communicate the mission of the company, that was to roast seriously good beans.

An online shop was then integrated into the website to facilitate the purchase of the roasted beans online.

Project Details
ClientBlacklist Coffee Roasters